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SERT-MST's vision is to establish itself as the leading supplier of licensed toiletries. This is supported by only working with the top licenses; some with a long established pedigree and others that bring an exciting, new and fresh growth potential.

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Shelf ready packaging

Shelf Ready Packing (SRP) units are individually created around the brand to off er quick logistic shelving solutions – ready prepared for IMPACT! Each brand has its own SRP solution focusing on brand awareness and striking consumer communication.

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Noddy Toiletries In Stock NOW!

Buy Noddy Bubble Bath. and Noddy 2 in 1 Shampoo & Conditioner.

Only £4.80 per 6 x 250ml

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Only £8.95 per 12 x 90 pack

The new blockbuster 3D movie and following
CGI-animated series provide long-term promotional
support to this already colossal brand!


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Licensed Product Selection 2011/2012

SERT-MST Plc, the leading specialist in the distribution of household and toiletry products, now proudly presents our range of exclusive licensed products.

SERT-MST Plc is the most sought after company within the toiletries sector by licensors, thus demonstrating confidence in our ability to deliver the best possible platform for the mass distribution of their properties. Our aim is to serve all sectors, from baby to toddlers to teens, through to adults.

We enjoy strategic alliances with some of the leading state of the art manufacturing partners across the globe, from Turkey to Israel, to Dubai and the Far East. All our factories are accredited to and beyond EU regulations.

We know you will enjoy looking through our catalogue and our sales team look forward to working with you to select the right product and the right license that will exploit incremental growth within your business, whether you are a major multiple or a family run independent.

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